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Friday, April 1, 2011

We're Still Too Ignorant To See How "Good" Health Care Reform Is

Happy Anniversary, Health Care Reform!  Most still don't want it.

There were a flurry of articles on the first anniversary of the HCR law's passage.  Even those who leaned toward hailing the achievement had to admit that it's not without flaws, and lacks support.  The meme is that people are still too stupid  to realize that it's a good thing.

So, just as a reminder, the most recent survey puts support for repealing the law at 58%, compared to 36% who oppose repeal.  Support for repeal has stayed strong at 50-63% for the last year (v. 36-42% opposed).

Americans trust Republicans slightly more than Democrats on health care:  46% to 42%.

About 4 out of 5 Americans are happy with their current health insurance (79%).  This has been stable for a long time.

So, here we are at one year.  Most of the big changes are still to come, but the Poison Pills in the law continue to grow.

Doc D

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