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Sunday, April 10, 2011

We Now Have A Budget, 6 Months Into The Year...With Health Care Riders

Health care implications of the budget compromise.

It's funny how no news outlet made the point that this budget deal is actually for the fiscal period that began last year, that we've been operating without a budget since October.  Normally Congress works the budget through the summer and passes it in September.  Democrats, sensing their big election losses, thought it would be to their advantage--in a year where the public wanted cuts--to avoid even beginning a budget, and leave newly elected Republicans the tough work of debt reduction.  Cowardly, but typical for Washington.

I haven't read any of the legislative language, and probably won't.  The media opinions are all over the map, with a big emphasis on discussing which party won or lost.

Who cares about that?  Unemployment, recession, debt, housing, unsustainable entitlements....and the press wants to talk about such childish stuff?

Some points I picked up:

--Planned Parenthood still gets their money for women's health, but Dems had to agree to vote on defunding it at a later date.

--Same thing with health care reform.  Not repealed, but the Senate had to agree to a vote in the future on repealing it.

--Then there is the death of a thousand cuts:  riders in the budget deal that force audits of health care waivers, studies of premium increases, and a number of other provisions aimed at exposing the "warts" in the reform law.

The budget battle goes to show that people are worried about the country's debt, but will fight tooth and nail to make sure it's only other people who will suffer from spending cuts...not themselves.

Now Congress begins "girding their loins" (did you know this phrase comes from the Bible and refers to tightening up your clothing to prepare for work?  I didn't) for the bigger battle of the upcoming budget for 2012, which is supposed to be passed before the fiscal year begins in Oct 2011.

Remember back when Congress used to budget in advance?

And don't forget the impending battle to raise the debt ceiling....again.

Doc D

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