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1. a medicine of secret composition recommended by its preparer but usually without scientific proof of its effectiveness.
2. a usually questionable remedy or scheme.
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Government Shutdown? No. Elf Ears? Maybe

After all the inflammatory rhetoric about government shutdowns and setting back women's right 100 years*, I was curious to see what impact there would be.

Since anti-deficiency laws gives exemptions from a shutdown for police, fire, medical and military, it wasn't clear how much of a hit there would actually be.

In my area, reporters were desperate to find people who could be scared into crying on camera (a military spouse) or telling us how agonizing it is for the long line waiting to submit passport applications (like these people haven't putting it off, and suddenly had to scramble).

In any case, the shutdown hoopla sucked all the air out of the medical news, except for this tidbit.

"Elf-ear surgery: Trend, and sometimes hoax"  in the Orange County Register In Your Face blog (a "cosmetic medicine" site), Apr 8.

Surely people are not really doing this.  But from the comments section, I have to admit that wanting big round boobs at age 65 is not really any different.

There have been wackier things.  You can always find somebody who wants to undergo anything.

Here is an alleged post-surgical elf-ear:

Is it a hoax?

Doc D
*PS:  Money is fungible.  This means if you give federal money to an organization that does abortions, they just shift all their spending on women's health screening and counseling to the federal funds, freeing up the private money for more abortion spending.   Everybody who's done budgeting and planning knows how to do this.  Stupid allegations, meant to sway the uninformed.

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