nos-trum. pronunciation: \nos'-trum\. noun. Etymology: Latin, neuter of noster our, ours.
1. a medicine of secret composition recommended by its preparer but usually without scientific proof of its effectiveness.
2. a usually questionable remedy or scheme.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fears Of Radiation From Electric Utility "Smart Meters." You Have Just Entered The Twilight Zone

A boring day for medical items.  But if you want a hoot, check out the Orange County Register for wacky pseudo-science.

Apparently, the OC Register reports, (Feb 2) the San Clemente Council can't decide whether to put in "smart" utility meters that transmit their readings using radiofrequency.  This would allow meter reading from a distance, saving time, and labor.

But some citizens, and a couple of doctors, insist that their medical condition, electrohypersensitivity, exposes them to harm from the meters.

Here's the problem:

The meters do the same thing your TV remote does.


There's no such thing as electohypersensitivity.

The woo is taking over.

Doc D

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