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Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Data On Doctors' Attitudes

I got these graphs from the state medical association (TX)  and offer them without comment, except for some clarification.

For reference, the survey was sent to about 29K physicians and 3,500 responded.  The percent isn't high, but it's enough for statistical significance probably.  Most doctors don't like to be bothered with stuff like this.

As far as bias, you have to ask yourself which ones would be more likely to send back the survey.  I'm not sure:  some people are more likely to respond if they're upset, others are more likely to ignore it.

Surveys are always suspect ("Are they telling the real story?")

And you have to ask whether Texas is typical or not.  I don't have any reliable data about that.

First, results on doctors' reactions to health care reform:

Second, what percent are accepting all new Medicaid/Medicare patients:

For any of you who have tried to find a new doctor through your insurer's network (including me):  sometimes they say they're accepting new patients, but when you call, they aren't.  It's a dishonest way of keeping your options open (the insurer can say you are available, but you can cherry pick who you accept).

On the other hand, providing coverage to 38 million more people under HCR will only make this worse.  Despite the optimism of HCR advocates, It's going to take decades to increase resources to match the workload.

[OK... so I commented]

Medicaid has always been the least desirable patient.  Reimbursement is lowest, and the patients are the least compliant and reliable.

Unfortunately, these are the poorest...and the very patients who need help the most.

Doc D


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