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Monday, January 24, 2011

HHS Collects Some Chump Change From Medicare Fraud

The Secretary of Health and Human Services (a political appointee with no experience in health care) announces that they recouped 4.0 billion dollars in Medicare fraud last year...about 4% of the total fraud.

Great job.  This puts us up from 1% in the past.  See here for the positive spin from USA Today (Jan 24).

Now if we could just get back the other 96% of the approximately $100 billion in Medicare fraud each year.

You've heard the stories about how easy it is for criminals to defraud the government's program.  Organized crime is finding it a lot safer than drugs or prostitution.  There was the pizza parlor in Florida that was getting paid for AIDS transfusions.   And the dentist in New York who was filing claims for almost 300 patient procedures a day.

And the answer to why all this money down the drain?  "We don't have the resources to investigate."  Well, if we had that 100 billion we wouldn't have needed any funds for Health Care Reform.  Can't you figure a way to get in the game?

But, thanks, Madame Secretary, for putting your heart and soul into this determined effort in the cause of justice...that gave us very little.

Doc D

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