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Monday, December 13, 2010

New School Diet Law Is Good News For After-School Fast Food Companies

The President signed into law a childhood anti-obesity program that will add $4.5 billion to the taxpayers bill...and will ensure that kids go elsewhere to get the food they like.

See the AP story (Dec 13) here.  The story tells the facts in the way proponents would like it to be told.  So here's the down side.

The funds will be expended to ensure nutritional food in schools.  It adds more kids to the rolls of those who will be receiving a lunch subsidy at a time when there have been several reports that even well-to-do kids are getting lunch free (aren't there people who are more needy?).

It also funds more nutritious food, like fruits and vegetables.  Maybe my four kids were unique, or abnormal, but, not being more stupid than the average adolescent, they ALL:
(1) would go to the school cafeteria, skip the Improved Nutrition lunch, and visit with their friends, and
(2) would hit the nearest fast food place after school, on the way home.

Once they were seniors in high school, and had use of a car, they snuck out at lunch to go to the Taco Bell. This is one of those things they confess to years later.

So, go ahead.  Blow some more money on a futile effort to keep kids from doing what they're going to do (that's what critics told us about the abstinence program, remember?  Apparently motivation only counts when we're talking sex, they forgot about the impact when it comes to food).

There's no way to make kids eat celery and carrots if they can get Twinkies and Double Whoppers.  Probably a better anti-obesity plan would be to start at home.

Can you think of some alternative way to use $4.5B?  the poor? the sick? the deficit?

Doc D

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