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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FDA Getting Tough On Smokers

New strategy to educate people about cigarettes:  scare you.

The FDA is proposing some new warning pictures to be put on cigarettes packages.  You can go here to see all the graphics being proposed.  Here are several.

From the Scare-The-Crap-Outta-People School of health education.  Think it'll work?

Doc D


Jess Staples said...

That's not anything compared to the pictures we have. I'll try and find them for you to see Ew. It did give my Alaskan flatmate an absolute heart attack. We also have commercials on tv where they cut open the heart of a smoker and tar oozes out. It's disgusting. I'm not sure that it works to reduce smoking though.....I think in November 2010 everyone aged over 7 knows smoking is not good for you. They either don't care or are so addicted they can't care. Are patches and nicotine gum etc free over there? I think that helps more than anything.

Doc D said...

We have gum and patches. I've seen patients who have sores in their mouth from chewing multiple pieces at a time, while continuing to smoke.

I don't think this approach will do anything more than waste money. I recommend you buy shares in companies that make decorative cigarette pack covers (to cover up the labels).

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