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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nutrition Watch: What Are Baby Carrots?

You know they're just "adult" carrots cut smaller, right?

I saw this article (Miami Herald Health, Oct 26).  It never occurred to me that people might think that baby carrots are somehow a different product.  For some vegetables, the less mature product is slightly different in its nutritional content, or taste.  If you've eaten okra (most haven't; it's a Southern affliction), you know that the smallest are edible; the large ones are like wood.  If you eat chinese food, you've had those little corn cobs they put in the stiry fry.  I could go on.

But where carrots are concerned, baby carrots are not immature carrots.  They are fully grown carrots that don't "look" good enough to sell in the store, so they're cut down into short segments and ground into a cylindrical shape.

Voila, babies.  And the industry is allegedly putting $25 million into marketing them.

The only difference is, for the amount of carrot you buy, you're spending three times as much.

It's like the bottled water flim-flam--spending a lot for nothing.  As has been widely reported, most spring waters are just tap water, bottled.

Doc D

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