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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

US: Free Care To The World's Uninsured

For those who think that healthcare provided to illegal immigrants is just a bunch of folks with the flu.

This is a state hearing in Florida.  When I ran a hospital, we came across similar cases on a regular basis.  The host countries were always unwilling to aid their citizens and were very happy to unload the care onto US hospitals.  I sympathize with the speaker's frustration:  the US government also won't assist.

Note that (1)  in this country nobody can be turned away by an emergency room, whether it's an emergency or not; the "emergency" is self-defined, and their presence in the ER establishes that it is an emergency under the law (even though it may be just an ingrown toenail).  There are severe legal penalties for denying care.  (2) The US government does not reimburse care delivered to those who are in the country illegally.

I've not seen cost estimates for illegal care nationwide, but I'm sure it's in the billions.  Fix this and we might have been able to fund care for our own uinsured, without needing a 1 trillion dollar reform package.

Doc D

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