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1. a medicine of secret composition recommended by its preparer but usually without scientific proof of its effectiveness.
2. a usually questionable remedy or scheme.
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Survey Of Recent Medical Literature - 8 Aug

Trying something new:  Interesting articles from today.

1.  I've written before that if we just recouped half of what's lost to Medicare fraud we could have funded all the uninsured.  Here's more on why we actually recover only about 1%

Medicare's private eyes let fraud cases get cold

2.  Foreign-trained doctors are as good as US-trained.  Very true, because they pass the same licensing tests.  More interesting is that US doctors who trained abroad, particularly at low-quality schools in the Caribbean, are not as good.  (One caution:  depends on how you measure good)  We don't have enough US training to meet US needs.  Those who allege that it's a plot by the AMA, or government, or whatever, don't realize that the bottleneck is not the schools, it's the training programs.  There are only so many university-size institutions that can expose physicians in specialty training to all they need to know.  And Congress sets a limit on how many they will fund per year, based on how many institutions can show they have the size and capability.

Study: Foreign-trained doctors as good as those trained in USA

3.  Masschusetts, the forerunner of universal health care (sometimes called "ObamaCare Lite"), lost another round in tyring to cap their skyrocketing state health care costs.  The governor tried to deny premium hikes, but the state's own insurance says that increases are necessary due to accelertating costs.  The issue is now a major political football, and we can expect future information to be tainted by election-year posturing from both sides.

State loses on appeal in effort to cap Fallon health insurance rates

4.  Dietary cleanses are part of the New Age nonsense that people get swept up by.  But the First Lady apparently has her own approach, which is unbalanced and not healthy.  As they all are, some are just worse than others.

First lady down on beets, up on dietary 'cleanses'

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