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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Senate Decides To Regulate Your Kid's Food At School (Some More)

The idea is to offer healthy food in the cafeterias and vending machines at school.  A good way to go out of business.

According to the Miami Herald (Aug 5),
Pizzas and hamburgers in the school lunch line would be healthier under child nutrition legislation passed by the Senate Thursday, a key part of first lady Michelle Obama's campaign to end childhood obesity. 

The $4.5 billion legislation passed by voice vote would create new standards for all foods in schools, including vending machine items, to give students healthier meal options. It would also expand the number of low-income children eligible for free or reduced cost meals.
You probably read the scandal about teachers eating the subsidized free meals intended for the low-income students.  The whistle blower was fired, of course.

But any program can be corrupted.   That's not my concern here.   Apparently, they are planning to do things with the menu, like use whole wheat for the pizza crust and only low-fat mozzarella cheese. 

My kids are grown up.  When they were in high school, the school district tried something similar.  It didn't taste good, so all four kids skipped lunch and went by Taco Bell on the way home.

As I've written before, menu restrictions don't affect the motivation to eat poorly.  People just look elsewhere.

And I'm not aware of definitive data that shows menu restriction leads to less obesity.

Doc D

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