nos-trum. pronunciation: \nos'-trum\. noun. Etymology: Latin, neuter of noster our, ours.
1. a medicine of secret composition recommended by its preparer but usually without scientific proof of its effectiveness.
2. a usually questionable remedy or scheme.
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Medical Quote Of The Day - 31 Aug 10

I haven't done a medical quote for a while, but I ran across this.  It doesn't sound medical, but the author was referring to why it's so hard to make the right medical decision.  Any attempt to analyze the problem with data and science overlooks that underneath all the planning and analysis, we are dealing with real people, who are unique and our real concern.  Reform, whether in healthcare or finance or welfare or whatever, always comes up against this.

Such is the problem with ethical dilemmas; often the complexity of reality ends up confounding a perfectly good analysis.
--Stephen Workman, MD, MSc

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