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Monday, August 23, 2010

How Health Care Reform Impedes Care - Video

Some major indignation over the health care reform law from a pre-existing conditions parent.

This parent who has private insurance and two kids with complicated medical issues rejects her Senator's excuses about health care reform:

1. Why do I pay for Medicaid patients who fraudulently receive care?
2. Your law forces businesses to reduce benefits in order to pay increased taxes due to HCR, including my husband's company.
3.  Why have you set up bureaucracies that are unresponsive to the electorate?
4.  I work for a non-profit that helps patients from other countries that have government health care who can't get life-saving treatments because it's too expensive.
5.  And, basically, I want you out of my life and personal business.

She was very...uh...articulate.

This parent later made her case on cable news TV.  Guess which networks didn't pick up the story.

The Senator basically gives up after using up all the platitudes we've heard so far, and having them refuted.

Doc D

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