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Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Health Care Workers Act Like Idiots...And?

From WSJ article on health care workers behaving badly.  Some doctors, nurses, and technicians bad-mouth patients, are derisive, and sometimes abusive.

This is something an organization should always be prepared to handle, whether on an individual basis, or with programs that deal with employees' frustrations and set standards for behavior.

That being said, when were you told that human nature was different in a hospital than it is at the DMV or the grocery store?  And, as a doctor, I can personally attest that we whine a lot...sometimes with reason, sometimes not.

But reading the article, I ran across this advice:
"During a potential confrontation, Stewart says the best thing to do is what your parents told you about playground bullies: Back away, avoid going into conflict mode and deal with the problem later."
I couldn't disagree more.  Bad behavior needs to be confronted immediately (within the limits of safety).  "Dealing with the problem later" never works because bullies and passive-aggressive persons have a lifelong problem, that is not amenable to treatment.

Instead, they need to get whacked (verbally, depends on the situation) SO HARD that they won't even THINK about trying to pull that on you again...or on anybody you know...or on anyone in the same room with you.  Intolerable actions should have immediate consequences, especially when the victims are those who are suffering or in pain.

If enough of us do that, bullies and whiners have no place to go.

I know, some would say "very insensitive," "where's your compassion" etc.  Fine.  Let them do it their way...and perpetuate the behavior.

Doc D

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