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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top Three Med Schools Fail At Addressing The Nation's Doctor Needs

Are you surprised?  The elite schools rank low in providing service to the nation from many perspectives:  underserved patient populations, the military, and probably Americorps, too.
The study, appearing in the current issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, and reported by Bloomberg BusinessWeek (June 14), ranked the nations' 141 medical schools by (1) how often graduates provided care to underserved populations, (2) how many went into primary care and (3) how many minority graduates they produced.

The top three elite research schools in the nation ranked 62, 122, and 129 out of 141  (Harvard, UPenn, Johns Hopkins).  Pitiful.

This just reinforces the public's perception that elite schools produce more elitists who are only interested in serving with the elite and for the elite.  Heaven forbid they should go to South Texas and provide care in a small border country with no physician.  Heaven forbid they should serve the national defense in the military.

It's not an all-or-none phenomenon.  Many graduates of top schools do great work for the country, but since WWII the elite colleges have had lower percentages who serve the nation...except in politics. 

Another caveat is that we need our brightest minds addressing the research needs in medicine.  That those bright minds stay near those prestigious institutions is not all bad, if incestuous.

Some final stats from the study:

--The bottom three:  Northwestern, UT Southwestern, and Vanderbilt.
--Ivy League schools in the top third:  none.
--Data on how many work in underserved third world countries wasn't available (but my sense is there are very few).

Interesting stuff, but there's no incentive for change.

Doc D

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