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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Supreme Court Nominee Kagan On Medical Ethics

Some of the documents have been released that bear on the views of the Nominee From The Unknown.

Ms Kagan has apparently written very little and never served as a judge, so it's hard for the Senate to perform the Constitutional responsiblity to confirm the President's nominee.  However, a big pile of notes was released by the Clinton library yesterday--with more to come.  She served as a legal advisor to then-President Bill.  Unfortunately, as an administration employee it's unclear whether any of these notes and briefings reflect her own views--a point that's been brought up ad nauseum.

Here's a quick summary of what Bloomberg BusinessWeek (June 8) has discovered;
1.  Argued against federal law banning physician-assisted suicide.
2.  Planned to develop aggressive gun control program
3.  Against a ban on human embryo use for research
4.  Skeptical about medical marijuana
5.  Advised on tactics to sustain affirmative action (in the face of reverse discrimination)

Overall, it sounds like a fairly liberal menu for a fairly liberal President.  But none of this is particularly surprising, and probably won't do more than throw a bunch of dust in the air on the way to confirmation.

I would be interested to know, in light of #1, what she thinks of medical specialty boards de-credentialing physicians who take part in executions.  As I posted some time back, the Am Bd of Anesthesiology issued a policy intending to do just that.

Doc D

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