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Saturday, June 12, 2010

ObamaCare Spits In The Ocean On Medical Malpractice Reform

I don't think anybody was fooled that the Administratioin is contemplating real tort reform.

This would bite the hand that feeds them (the Trial Lawyers Association).

Despite the Administration's claims, tort reform can pay off big:  not only in liability costs that get passed on to patients and their insurers, but also in defensive medicine reductions.  See my posts on tort reform in the category list below.

As the WSJ Health blog (June 11) describes it
"Today the government begins to hand out $25 million in funding for demonstration projects attempting to find some fixes for the medical malpractice system, the WSJ reports. The one- and three-year grantees include projects focusing on alternative dispute resolution programs, rapid medical error disclosure and the development of guidelines to reduce lawsuits."
I've written about demonstration projects before.  I know, I spent almost 30 years in government service.  The federal government, whether Congress or the Administration, does demonstration projects for one or more of several reasons:
1.  To satisfy a special interest group
2.  To allow a Congressmember to vote for something they want to vote for, but is unpopular at home.  The demo throws them a bone.
3.  To look like you're implementing something, but don't really intend to.
4.  To push something down the road, hoping people will forget about it when the report comes due.
5.  To set up a project where you can manipulate the terms of the demo to get the result you want.

I've seen every one of these tactics used.  In 3 decades, I never saw a demo lead to a substantive policy.

So, anyone who buys the Administration's claim that there is tort reform in the HCR law, forget it.  And, congratulations--this is what it feels like being conned by the politicians.

Doc D


Michael Kirsch, M.D. said...

Tort reform was DOA in Obamacare. Even Bush couldn't get it through with a GOP congress. The current system is wasting billions and torturing the medical profession. See under Legal Quality.

Doc D said...

Concur. Thanks for your comment and the directions to your site. Will check back regularly.

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