nos-trum. pronunciation: \nos'-trum\. noun. Etymology: Latin, neuter of noster our, ours.
1. a medicine of secret composition recommended by its preparer but usually without scientific proof of its effectiveness.
2. a usually questionable remedy or scheme.
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Multiple Choice Question: Highest Dutch STD Rate? 1. Gay, 2. Young, 3. Swingers, 4. Prostitutes

Apparently, over-45 folks think they're less likely to get STD's, so swingers are showing up with more disease. 

But then they're Dutch, the hedonistic sheep of the world.

Via the BBC News (24 June)
"In this study, the team from the South Limburg Public Health Service studied patients seeking treatment during 2007 and 2008 at sexual health clinics serving a population of 630,000.  Combined rates of chlamydia and gonorrhoea were just over 10% among straight people, 14% among gay men, just under 5% in female prostitutes, and 10.4% among swingers.  Female swingers had higher infection rates than male swingers.  More than half (55%) of all diagnoses in the over 45s were made in swingers, [emphasis mine] compared with around a third (31%) in gay men."
If abstinence or monogamy are de trop, then condoms, condoms, condoms...

Doc D

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