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Friday, June 25, 2010

Health Insurance Premiums Accelerate Under ObamaCare Lite in Massachusetts

A new study shows that ObamaCare Lite in MA raised premiums by 6% more than the increases nationwide.

A study out of Stanford University published in the Forum for Health Economics and Policy  looked at national employer-sponsored insurance data to see what effect health care reform in Massachusetts had, over and above the trend in the rest of the nation, on health insurance premiums.
"We find that health reform in Massachusetts increased single-coverage employer-sponsored insurance premiums by about 6 percent, or $262. Although our research design has important limitations, it does suggest that policy makers should be concerned about the consequences of health reform for the cost of private insurance." [emphasis mine]
Massachusetts reform has been touted as the analogue of the nation's new reform law.

Note that we're not talking about a 6% increase in premiums.  We're talking about an increase of 6% ABOVE what the increase was elsewhere (without reform).

You said we had to pass this law to learn what's in it, Ms Pelosi.  And we're learnin', we're learnin'....

Doc D

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