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Friday, June 4, 2010

Doctors Who Are Convicted Felons Can Resume Their Practice? Yes, It's A Legal Thing

Sounds like nonsense, but that's the way the legal system works.

As far as I'm concerned felons should have their licenses taken away forever unless there are extreme mitigating circumstances...examples of which I'm hard pressed to come up with at the moment.

But, don't complain to the state Medical Boards.  There is case law that establishes precedent for returning to the practice of medicine after felony conviction and serving the time.

There's a flap developing in California about this (Orange County Register, June 4), but I think it was the California courts that originally ruled a conviction is no bar to practicing medicine where the felony had nothing to do with their ability to practice competently.  To revoke a license under these circumstances has something to do with unlawfully restricting someone from gainful employment in their career.  Maybe a lawyer can explain it to me.

Decades ago, good moral character was a requirement to practice medicine, but we live in an age when enforcing standards for character is "judgmental," and a civil rights violation. 

It's all part of that "what's true for you may not be true for me" stuff.  Sounds bizarre, I know...

On the other hand, if you believe that felons can be "rehabilitated," then some of these doctors may fall in that category--after a judge and the medical board have reviewed the case.

But, we need to draw a line at felons convicted of assaulting their patients, or in some way violating the doctor-patient trust in the course of committing the felony.  These folks can go dig ditches for a living.

Doc D

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