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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Battle For Reform Fought And Won, But The War Still Going On

For those who think the health care reform law has solved our problems, and we can all sit back and watch the implementation,  think again.

Here are some breaking headlines I cut-and-pasted from the media (for just one day):

--Health-Care Debate Still Alive And Well For Parties (Washington Post)
(public disapproves, so it's a political football)

--Health Care Battle Flares Anew (Roll Call)

Several articles on the Administration trying to buy support from seniors for a $250 rebate check.
--Obama Lobbies Elderly On Benefits Of Health Law (NY Times)
--Obama Promotes Health Plan’s Drug Rebates For Seniors (LA Times)
--Obama, Democrats Launch Health Care Push (NPR)
--Obama Resells Health Law To Seniors (Wall Street Journal)
(some politicians haven't heard that offering money for votes is sleazy)

--Obama Rolls Out ‘Roll Back’ Rhetoric (Politico)
(Prez claims the repeal effort is just trying to undo opposed to substituting something better).

--Why Is Obama Still Pushing Health Reform? (Christian Science Monitor)
(because most don't want it)

Two articles about Obama's choice to run Medicare (who loves the British system)
--GOP Stalls Nomination For Leader Of Medicare (NPR)
--The Efficiency Expert Healthcare Needs (LA Times)
(critics don't like his admiration for the British system of giving lives a dollar value)

--State’s Health Coverage Still High (Boston Globe)
(Massachusetts, the example of ObamaCare)

--Judge Temporarily Bars Nurses’ Strike At UC Hospitals (LA Times)
(but strike of 12,000 went ahead in MN.  about pensions, of course)

--Medical Innovation Is Economic Key (Politico)
(BS from supporters that even with all the higher premiums, fees and will increase jobs.  huh?)
--How Health Care Reform Must Bend The Cost Curve (Health Affairs)
(plea for hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies to co-operate with the govt or costs won't be controlled.  Yeah, all those folks really trust the govt.)
--Health Care Reform Is Likely To Widen Federal Budget Deficits, Not Reduce Them (Health Affairs)
(adding back in all the deferred and hidden costs shows that reform is a budget buster)
Quite a menu of political entertainment.
Doc D

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