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Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Poison Pill (Sigh): Medicaid Money May Not Be Coming

Kudos to Virginia for passing a law back in March that anticipated the money might not be coming, giving the governor the authority to re-program funds to cover care for the needy from state funds.

Just last week supporters of HCR were saying that states who complained about the Medicaid cost were falsely alarming people because the law substituted federal funds for the state share of Medicaid in the first several years.

[Duh.  Like the federal government gets their funds from a money tree instead of from taxpayers in the states.]

But, now it looks like that supplement may not be coming. A bunch of articles were published in the media today warning that it's looking grim for states who were expecting the federal money.  As reported in the Richmond Times Dispatch (June 17),
"Gov. Bob McDonnell is prepared to shift dollars within Virginia's budget to shield a health-care program for the poor from further cuts. 'Language in the budget authorizes the governor to transfer money from the second year to the first year in response to federal mandates,' said McDonnell spokesman J. Tucker Martin. Virginia had anticipated more than $400 million for Medicaid under a six-month extension of the Federal Medical Assistance Percentages. But the money is in limbo because Congress has yet to agree on an extension."
The US Senate is currently at an "impasse" over a new funding package that would have helped the states meet expanded Medicaid needs pushed by the new HCR law.  As concern rises across the country about the government spending money it doesn't have, legislation funding expanded benefits in the states is getting harder to pass.

The states would do well to prepare, and protect themselves from fears over financial instability at the federal level.

Doc D

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