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Monday, June 14, 2010

21% Percent Cuts In Medicare Take Effect

The Congress has failed to meet the deadline.  So it's here.

For those of you, like me, who are getting closer to Medicare age every year, this is something to worry about.

Currently about 1 in 5 doctors limit or deny new Medicare patients.  The number is growing; recall the news some months ago that one of the Mayo Clinics announced it would continue to see Medicare patients only on a cash basis.

I expect the Senate to do something eventually, but the government's credibility is already at rock bottom.   Three of my own doctors have mentioned that they probably will have to restrict the number of Medicare patients they see--or stop taking Medicare all together.

Members of Congress have begun hearing from their constituents who are having problems finding a doctor who will see them.  I expect this to increase.

You can't keep your plan, Medicare is going down the tubes, the states can't afford the Medicaid bill that will be levied on them in the future, and the costs of the reform bill keep going up.

I'm not feeling the love.

Doc D

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