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Monday, May 24, 2010

Disfavor Deepens As Obama Pushes Out More Health Care Candy

A you-know-what sandwich with a pretty bow is still the same sandwich.
The Washington Post (May 21)comments blandly that the public still dislikes the health care law when the Administration keeps pouring out the expensive goodies to bribe them into liking it.
"The rollout of the federal health-care overhaul continued Friday with the Obama administration spelling out how small biotech firms can apply for grants and tax credits of up to $5 million each."
The biotech largesse comes in the wake of earlier announcements about "rules governing tax credits for small businesses that insure their workers, financial aid for companies that cover early retirees, and opportunities for young adults to stay on their parents' health plans,"

Despite their efforts, the polls show continuing, and deepening, disapproval:

"Sentiments are stronger among opponents of the law, the poll found. The share of Americans saying they held "very favorable" views of the law fell to about one in seven, from almost one in four in April, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported. The share with "very unfavorable" opinions of the legislation remained at about one in three."
Political writers and commentators have been saying for many weeks that the Obama Administration is attempting to push as much health care "candy" out the door as possible as quickly as possible in an effort to turn around popular disapproval for their signature health care reform legislation.

Doesn't seem to be working.  People know when they're being taken for a ride.

Doc D

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