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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Universal Health Care Freeloaders

People are signing up for MA health care insurance in order to get major medical care accomplished, then cancelling.  I told you so.

Sometime last year I wrote a post saying that the way health care was structured in the state of Massachusetts would allow someone to be uninsured until they needed something.  They would then sign up, pay for premiums as long as they needed the major care, then cancel once treatment was complete.

I'm enjoying this moment:  I told you so.  The Boston Globe (Apr 4) is reporting that people are doing exactly that, driving up costs for everyone else.

The strategy involves signing up for insurance for 3 months or less.  The data shows that these individuals then run up health care bills that are on average four times what the average citizen pays.  Then they cancel.

Note that the US health care reform law contains no mechanism to prevent this, either.  If you have a policy at the time of filing your taxes, you can check the box on the form, and you're good for the year.

Another health care subsidy you will pay--this time to someone who's gaming the system.

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