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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poison Pill #16: Children Covered To Age 26: Not So Fast

Private insurance plans announce immediate coverage under ObamaCare.  For dependents of military and federal employees (8 million), not until next year.

The Administration was quick to counter critics that said elements of the new health care law would not go into effect until 2014 by announcing that some features would be implemented "immediately."  Apparently in the rush to pass the legislation, the Congress forgot that contracts have to run their course, so it will take until next year for coverage to be extended for any dependent covered under a government program, according to the Office of Personnel Management:
"Though we are eager to provide coverage to young adults prior to January 1, the current law governing the FEHB Program specifically prohibits us from doing so," according to an OPM statement.
Kaiser Health News reports that OPM "did not respond to repeated requests for interviews over several days."

Since contractual requirements control the military's health plan (TRICARE), this delay is expected to impact that group, also.

A Tip-Of-The-Hat to Congress for doing such a great job.  May I have another?


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