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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stuporked: Pro-Life Flippers Submit $5B In Earmarks After Vote

Thanks to Hot Air for the term, and to the Sunlight Foundation for the report.

Not letting a day go by, Rep Bart Stupak and his caucus of pro-life Congress members, who were critical to passing the unpopular health care reform bill, submit a package to the House leadership for $4.7 billion in earmarks for their districts.  Recall that Stupak, et al held out until the controversial Executive Order deal was struck... a deal hated by both pro-life and pro-choice.  Their flip-flop brought the vote total to just 3 over what was required for passage.

This is all a bizarre coincidence, because they could have put in for these earmarks at any time of the year, it just so happened to be now (what's the emoticon for sarcasm?).

Get ready to fund two new wings of the Great Lakes Historical Shipwreck Museum.  This will be of some comfort to the millions without a job.

Thanks, also, to CM Bart Stupak for his expansion of the English language.  We already have "Stupaked"  (meaning "betrayed" or "stabbed in the back").  Now we have a new verb.

How much more will Congress Stupork me?


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