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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rep Bart Stupak: Damned By Both Sides On Health Reform


On a polarizing issue like abortion it's hard to be hated by both sides--simultaneously.

It's uncommon to be hated by one side one day, then by the other on another day...but, wow!  Both at the same time.  There ought to be an award for that.

Speaking of awards, Rep Stupak was scheduled to receive a "Defender of Life" award from the pro-life group, Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund today.  They've withdrawn that award.

On the one hand the pro-choice people see his deal with the President as an impediment to the funding of abortion in the bill (and, yes, it does allow for the use of public funds in the community health exchanges--see my analysis here, in a previous post).

On the other hand, the pro-life people see the Executive Order the President has promised to sign (which he hasn't yet) banning public funding for abortion as a worthless gesture:  the courts have said more than once that previous public law allowing access to abortion will override any executive order--unless Congress specifically prohibits that funding--stating otherwise.  You'd think Stupak would have known this (I'm sure he does).

The situation becomes clearer regarding Rep Stupak's state of mind, when you learn that two days before his decision to reverse course and support the health care reform bill, his state was given an airport grant for $700K by the Obama administration.   Purely a coincidence, of course.

Abortion is strictly an issue of conscience for both sides, right?  But finding yourself to be both anti-pro-life and anti-pro-choice takes a lot of ingenuity.  Way to go...

As a side note, Stupak was a shoe-in for re-election until two days ago, when funding began pouring in for the other candidates for his seat, both Democrat and Republican.  Another coincidence?  Doubtful.

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