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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health Care Reform Shenanigans: House Approves "Deem and Pass" by 222-203 Vote

What to do, what to do, when the country disapproves of a major bill and you aren't sure you can get your own Majority Party through a successful vote?  Answer:  approve a strategy that "allows the House to 'deem' the Senate bill passed when the chamber approves the rule governing debate for health care, and then vote on a package of 'fixes' to the Senate bill negotiated between the two chambers." (WaPo, Mar 18).

This circumvents the need for the Majority to vote up-or-down, in the face of public disapproval, for many wavering Democrats.  It may be unconstitutional, but as a desperation move it allows a fall-back in case the votes are not there.  And yes, the Republicans have tried this before...and the same Democrats (who approve of it now) railed against it as unconstitutional and despicable back then.

I don't care whether you are for or against the current Senate health care reform bill.  But this ticks me off...even more than the back room deals... and the Commander-In-Chief's speech about Navy "corpse-men" (the Commander-In-Chief, for heaven's sake).

Here is the list of wavering Democrats who voted for the "deem and pass" strategy.  If any of them belonged to me I would be on the phone to their office.  What's particularly corrupt is that a couple of them have said they are definitely a "No" on the bill; so why vote "Yes" on this, unless they need Party political cover?

For those of you to whom these people do belong, you have my deepest sympathy.

--Jason Altmire, Pennsylvania.
--John Barrow, Georgia.
--John Boccieri, Ohio.
-- Allen Boyd, Florida.
--Leonard Boswell, Iowa.
--Gerry Connolly , Virginia
--Joe Donnelly, Indiana.
--Brad Ellsworth, Indiana.
--Baron Hill, Indiana.
--Marcy Kaptur, Ohio.
--Dan Maffei, New York.
--Jim Marshall, Georgia.
--Jim Matheson, Utah.
--Michael McMahon, New York.
--Betsy Markey, Colorado.
--Patrick Murphy, Pennsylvania.
--Earl Pomeroy, North Dakota.
--Nick Rahall, West Virginia.
--Mike Ross, Arkansas
--Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania.
--Carol Shea Porter, New Hampshire.
--Ike Skelton, Missouri.
--Zach Space, Ohio.
--John Spratt, South Carolina.
--Charlie Wilson, Ohio.

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